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All Island Conference

April 2024

Our Annual All Island Conference took place on Tuesday 9th April, 2024 and saw over 100 staff and volunteers from across the movement gather in our National Outdoor Centre at Greenhill.

Our theme for this year’s conference was Your Precious Life – How To Live It Well  exploring questions including; what makes people happier, what gives them more meaning and purpose in life, and what measures they can take to lead to overall greater health.

Keynote speaker Shane Martin, outlined simple, practical, and most importantly, evidence-based strategies linked to a better quality of life with the aim of uplifting and inspiring change in the lives of those who attended but even more importantly inspire participants to incorporate it into their homes, workplaces and communities.

As part of the conference, there was a range of workshops for staff and volunteers, designed to help you further explore the theme and area of positive emotion and wellbeing. 

These workshops included; 

Developing a Coaching Approach to Leadership:
Providing you a pause moment to think & reflect on what a ‘Coaching Mindset’ might be in practice & how ethos & skills of coaching can be embedded into the organisation culture.
Communicate what coaching is and what it is not within your organisation Learn the GROW model of coaching 

The Gathering Drum Circle:
Get your groove on with The Gathering Drum! Take part in an energetic and uplifting session, using African Drums and instruments from all around the world. Uplifting, great fun and team building at its best.

Managing Stress Through Movement:
Yoga poses, mindfulness and Pranayama (Breathwork) can be powerful tools to help manage stress. In our session, we explore breathing and mindfulness techniques, to calm a busy mind, both during the day and before sleep. The yoga postures we will practice will help to ease tension held in common areas of the body such as the neck, shoulders and hips. Through these activities we will activate the body’s relaxation response, which will help reduce stress levels and invite a sense of calm into the body and mind.

Wellness & Nature
Evidence shows us that the quality of our relationship and connection with nature is vital to the mental health benefits of being in nature. A strong connection with nature would be a feeling of emotional attachment to our natural surroundings.  This workshop provides participants with an insight into how they could use nature as a stimulating resource for wellbeing.

Staff and volunteers thoroughly enjoys the experiences and opportunity to connect together.

The value of wellbeing is one of 4 core organisational values and connects our with the global Vision 2030 impact pillar of Community Wellbeing.

Learn more about our Vision, Mission & Values here.