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Reflecting the size and scale of YMCA's work across the island of Ireland

Our Shared Island Approach

The YMCA in Ireland has existed since 1849 as a voluntary organisation that works with children, young people, families and the community, with particular regard to those who are disadvantaged and disaffected. Underpinned by Christian principles, each YMCA responds to local need and seeks to share and learn from being a part of a national and international movement.

YMCA works in over 34 communities providing services ranging from peace building to vocational training. It has particular expertise in work with families, youth justice, schools, vocational training, outdoor education and health work. All its work is based on the principles of effective non formal education.

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The YMCA is an all island movement and seeks to promote sharing of learning through collaboration with over 25,000 children, young people and families using its services every year.

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This information was collected by YMCAs through our Movement Wide Survey from October 2022 to September 2023

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In July 2022 the YMCA made history. At the 20th World Council in July 2022, YMCAs across the globe voted to adopt YMCA 2030 – our first-ever shared strategy and plan.

Vision 2030 serves as a roadmap for every YMCA’s strategic goals. Closely aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Vision 2030 empowers communities and young people worldwide to build a just, sustainable, equitable and inclusive world.

The Four Pillars of Impact

To achieve Vision 2030, all YMCAs will focus on four areas and work toward 12 strategic goals

Community Wellbeing

We create environments where everyone can thrive in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Meaningful Work

We work with young people and communities on equitable education, training and employment opportunities.

Sustainable Planet
We channel young people’s commitment to climate justice and sustainability.
Just World

We stand for a Just World for young people and communities.