Local To Global Youth Work Event

June 2023

Empowering young people to be active global citizens and contribute towards building a world of justice, equity and dignity.

Young people, volunteers and staff gathered in YMCA Greenhill for “Local to Global” event hosted by our Global Justice & International Development Committee members on 7th June.

This event provided stakeholders with an opportunity to consolidate learning from year one of Irish Aid multi-annual grant as YMCA Ireland continues to embed a Global Citizenship Education perspective in its youth work practice.

Highlights from year one of the Irish Aid project ‘YMCAs in Partnership for People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace’ include:
• the initiation of collaborations with World YMCA and in particular with Colombia and Kosovo YMCAs
• young people in YMCA local associations experienced Global Youth Work and in many cases for the first time
• Youth-Led strategies to global justice issues have helped young people to envision a more just and equitable world for all

‘Local to Global’ Part I
• Young people share their experiences of Global Youth Work in local associations including Lurgan, Greenhill and Belfast to Cork/West Cork, West Dublin and Londonderry
• Rehana Merali presents Y Care International’s current collaborations with YMCA global partners

Watch back here: 

Local to Global’ Part II
• All stake holders contribute to YMCA Ireland’s new Global Justice & International Development policy
• Global Youth Work team present upcoming opportunities to get involved including online programmes on Climate Justice and Peace

To find out more about Global Youth Work and how you can get involved – contact TJ Hourihan – Youth Advocacy Officer

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