Northern Ireland Youth Work Accord Launch

June 2023

The voluntary youth sector within Northern Ireland has faced some challenges over the past few years, with reduced funding across the sector. This Accord has been established to find a more efficient way of providing broader support to local youth work organisations.

In April 2023; YMCA Ireland along with Youth Initiatives, Bytes and The Boys & Girls Clubs, signed an Accord to work together to support EA (Education Authority) locally registered youth organisations in Northern Ireland. The RVYOs (Registered Voluntary Youth Organisations) involved have committed to generating new ideas for youth services that will increase the impact for children and young people across the country. 

On June 15, A roundtable event was hosted in partnership with the Glen Parent Youth Group, and attended by representatives from the Department of Education, the Education Authority, Education & Training Inspectorate (ETI) and political representatives  and a wide range of our membership. This was an opportunity to officially launch the Accord and engage in promising discussions around the future that could improve outcomes and reduce the impact of funding reductions on children and young people across the voluntary youth sector.

Along with Stephen Dallas (Bytes) and Michial Dudley (Boys & Girls Clubs), our National Secretary, John Peacock outlined the importance of youth work in Northern Ireland over the next ten years with an effective model of delivery and meaningful engagement through collaboration with policymakers and youth service planners.

He said… “As a national youth organisation that works with over 10000 children, young people and families every year we believe there is a collaborative way of working which will benefit our local communities and improve the outcomes for our young people.”

You can view the Accord here

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