SDG14 Life Below Water: Climate Justice for Coastal Communities

August 2023

Introducing YMCA ‘Future Generations’ Climate Justice Group

Young people from YMCAs in the Cork region & Newcastle alongside Dublin-based Sphere17 regional youth service took part in an NYCI-led Galway Marine Residential on 19th-21st July.

PHOTOS: A visit to Galway Atlantaquaria featured in a three-day programme that included informative talks, workshops, and tours to the young people about marine life and coastal communities in Ireland.

This year’s iteration of the ‘Future Generations’ DCEDIY Climate Justice Fund project is focusing on the recognition of Ireland as a shared-island community and giving young people an opportunity to better connect with their coasts, seas, and ocean through a climate justice lens. It will also enable young people to connect with communities in the Global South and discover climate justice issues that may be similarly experienced across the globe.

The Future Generations Climate Justice Project seeks to explore and highlight the systemic and human rights issues related to the climate crisis. Delivered by: NYCI; YMCA Ireland; Sphere 17; Gaisce; 1Planet4All (Concern Worldwide): https://www.youth.ie/climate-justice/