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Wellbeing By Gabriela Ferreira | Greenhill YMCA

April 2023

To tell you a bit of my story as a volunteer in Greenhill in a few words, there is no better expression than ‘life changing’.

We receive excellent programme training that gives us the possibility not only to be great at our job as outdoor leaders, but to improve in things that I was never aware that I was capable of. One example is when I was able to learn how to swim and become a pool lifeguard. This was a highlight in my training that gave me confidence and showed me that if I don’t compromise and work hard I can accomplish anything.

All Greenhill staff are very supportive and care about what we have to say and about our wellbeing. They help me everyday to overcome my fears and improve myself in many aspects.
Whether with the job of outdoor instructor or maintenance duty, the different tasks in Greenhill have given me a sense of responsibility, altruism and leadership that I know is going to make me a better professional in any field I choose to work in after my time here as a volunteer.

One of the main things that I have learned and also would like to share is that we don’t fail, we defer. Because we can always try again!