Celebrating Founder's Day with 180 years of YMCA

June 2024

As the YMCA marks Founder’s Day on June 6th and commemorates 180 years as a Global Movement, we continue to see young people, their families and communities flourish in body, mind and spirit through 
the work of YMCA in Ireland.

Founded in London in 1844, the YMCA has grown to reach over 65 million people a year across 120 countries, as the oldest and one of the largest youth organisations in the world. 

Join us in commemorating 180 years of the YMCA’s incredible journey since 6 June 1844 – honouring our past and shaping our future.


Honouring Our Past

A Conversation with Ivan McMahon

Ivan McMahon (then National Secretary) sat down in 2019 as part of YMCA 175 to share his perspective and experience of the YMCA in Ireland over the years.

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The following storyboards were designed as part of the YMCA 175 Heritage Exhibition.