YMCA calls for an end to violence and a just peace in Israel & Palestine.

October 2023

I know that everyone in our movement is deeply concerned about the events we are witnessing in Israel & Palestine. I attach a statementfrom the World YMCA, and encourage you to read it in full. As World Secretary Carlos Sanvee says:

“I am clear that what we are witnessing is a reminder that we will continue to fail future generations if we do not choose the paths of peace and justice now. I plead for calm, for sanity, and for humanity. I restate the immediate need for an end to violence, and the protection of innocent civilian lives. Violence leads only to a perpetual cycle of hatred and revenge, which only drives communities further apart.”

Also within this statement is a link to a resolution passed by the World Council in Aarhus in 2022. I draw your attention to each of the declarations, as they outline a powerful vision of a Just Peace.

Some have asked about financially supporting our friends in the region and embedded in this statement is an opportunity to support vital YMCA work that is going on in the region.

YMCA Ireland has a longstanding commitment to establishing Peace and Justice, working as we have in our own context of conflict and violence. We stand with the innocent and the oppressed against any and all violent oppressors. We promote peace by ensuring that our young people, staff and volunteers become active global citizens, committed to a fairer and more sustainable future for all. Finally, we support our movement and local associations as we take appropriate actions to come to the aid of all who are suffering during these troubling times.

Warm Regards,
John Peacock, National Secretary, YMCA Ireland

World YMCA Statement

World Council Resolution

Urgent Appeal