Update: Gaza Statement

December 2023

YMCA Ireland urgently calls for an end to the horrific violence in Gaza which has resulted in such devastation among helpless and vulnerable people.
We are horrified to learn of the bombardment of the YMCA in Gaza, killing several and injuring dozens among the hundreds of innocent people sheltering there and in the churches nearby.
With the World YMCA, we ‘strongly condemn this horrific attack on civilians and call on the Israeli government to stop these acts of indiscriminate violence which can only deepen division and which are causing such trauma. Violence begets violence. End it now.’ [https://www.ymca.int/ymca-gaza-is-hit/]
All over the world, YMCA stands in solidarity with the marginalised and oppressed, particularly women and the young, who have been disproportionately affected by this violence. We nurture communities to be places of welcome, wellness, and peace. This violation of international law is also a violation of our international YMCA family.