West Dublin - Volunteer One2One Mentoring Programme

August 2023

We are recruiting volunteer mentors for our One2One programme in the West Dublin area.

The YMCA in Ireland is a youth organisation that works with children, young people, families and the community.

The YMCA One2One Mentoring Programme requires a commitment from the volunteer mentor to meeting a young person for an hour each week throughout the school calendar year. One2One mentoring meetings are held from 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm on Monday evenings at the YMCA in Brookfield, West Tallaght. After the children leave, all mentors participate in a group supervision session which is facilitated by the YMCA One2One Lead Mentor. This lasts about 30 minutes.

Volunteer Mentors must participate in a Training Programme which is available throughout the year. Subject to vetting and receipt of two references, mentors will be matched with a young “mentee” and be supported to carry out mentoring in a communal setting at the YMCA.

What is One2One?

One2One is a specialised Mentoring service that focuses on fostering positive development in ‘vulnerable’ young people from the ages of 8-14 years of age. Through the dedicated efforts of trained Mentors operating under supervision, we offer weekly One2One support to facilitate the growth and well-being of these young individuals.

Our approach is grounded in active listening, purposeful activities, goal setting and positive role modelling. By incorporating these essential elements, we aim to empower young people to forge constructive relationships with both adults and their peers. Moreover, we strive to foster the development of enduring interests and skills that will prove invaluable in their long-term journey.

The One2One Mentoring Programme realises the children are at a pivotal stage in their lives. Therefore, we provide an additional safe and nurturing space to allow these young minds to flourish and reach their full potential. It is our sincere belief that offering such support at this critical juncture can profoundly impact their future trajectory.

One2One Mentors will be:

  • Over 18
  • Have good conversational English
  • Be reliable
  • A good communicator, with good listening skills
  • Empathic and caring
  • Patient
  • Approachable